Brain Bar Budapest, Europe’s festival on the future

We are in the midst of a new industrial revolution. The political, social and economic changes brought on by transformations in technology have a profound impact on both global and national culture, our personal identity, business relationships, life in cities and on our relationship with nature. The event series brings together the world’s most exciting visions.


Topics include Earth VS Space, Robots VS Creativity, Human VS Artificial Intelligence, Economy VS Biology, Knowledge VS Information, Wars VS Video Games, debating competing visions of where Hungary and Europe are headed. 


Brain Bar Budapest is where the challengers and trendsetters give us a glimpse of what’s to come.  We step back from the pre-occupations of today to consider what we’ll be worrying about tomorrow.  What will wars look like?   What about our work and jobs?  What skills will our leaders have?  How should we teach our kids?  Change is rapid and constant, but Brain Bar has a finger on the pause button to give us 48 hours of uninterrupted inquiry into our future and the ethical and moral dilemmas it presents.


Don’t expect the ordinary.  Brain Bar kicks off where other festivals throw in the towel.  There are no taboos.  We take the hottest potatoes and toss them into the interdisciplinary blender, with extra pepper.  Philosophers take on disrupters.  Technologists clash with ethicists.  All interspersed with music and performance from artists with unique and unpredictable slants on what the future holds.


And where better than Budapest?  A city anchored in the past but set to shape Europe’s future.  Brain Bar will bring a new cadre of thinkers to the beating heart of a continent groaning with ideas, but beset with crisis and protest. Has political Europe reached its sell-by date?  Can nation states go it alone and prosper?  It is the perfect location to debate competing vision of where our great civilisation is headed.

Join us with partners Google and WIRED and prepare to be changed.


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